Thoughts for the Last Day

Hard to believe I’m writing my last SI 643 blog post of the semester! This week in class, we’ll be talking about articles related to professional development that takes place in-person and online. Continue reading


No Pro, But Now Webinar Experienced!

Webinar Day: My Audience Member Experience

I ended up participating in the webinars I signed up for using my iPhone. I hadn’t been able to get Blackboard Collaborate working on my Mac by that Thursday, so I decided to download the free Blackboard Collaborate App for my phone (also free for iPad and Android) and participate that way instead. I’m actually glad I got to know how Blackboard Collaborate works with phones, because if I use Blackboard Collaborate in the future, I know what limitations participants using a mobile platform will have. I learned that: Continue reading

Webinars: The Audience Factor

I have to say, I thought the class antics during last week’s webinar demo were hilarious and lightened the stress about technical difficulties. SI is a highly irreverent crowd. Thank goodness Kristin is a patient instructor!

Most professional webinars will not see such informal and mischievous behavior from the audience. However, it was mentioned that sometimes the audience will go rogue in chat and discuss an issue that is important to them with fellow participants, even the chat messages do not relate to the webinar content itself. What we saw in class last week, along with anecdotes about chat discussion behavior, made me think about how much control the presenters really have over a webinar.

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Twitter Trial

So I just started a Twitter account for SI 643 (@RachelSeltz). I’ve been meaning to join Twitter for a while now. It feels less personal than Facebook. Since I am a pretty private person, I like that Twitter allows you to send short thoughts, links, and photos that can be about current events and professional activities rather than your personal life. Twitter also lets you connect easily to news and people in your field of interest, and gives you a platform to send smart, short insights out into the digital world to get you noticed.

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Building Community

I really loved how engaged everyone was during the discussion about the AADL’s Josie Parker speaking to the Ann Arbor city counsel about the heroin issue is Washtenaw County (how it affects the library, and how it could affect the potential new park going into the Library Lot) and a the follow up interview with Ms. Parker. One thing that struck me while reading the MLive articles was the dismissive attitude Ms. Parker received from some city counsel members in reaction to her concerns. Continue reading